Monday, May 28, 2012

May 29-June 7th in US History 8

The final 8 Days of 8th Grade!

In History, students are responsible for the following work:

1- Any missing work is due by Wednesday, including the final essay on Causes of the Civil War
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2- Group "jigsaw" of the chapter and section of Chapters 15 or 16 will be presented to the class on May 29 or 30

3- Individual or small group project on people who overcame obstacles in American history due by June 1st

4- Final Exam (100 points) in computer lab only on May 30 or 31 covering main concepts covered this year.

5- Historical Presentation:  This can be either the recitation of a historical speech or a choral or instrumental performance of a patriotic song.  It can be live or taped.  Due Tuesday June 5th

6-Formal In Class Writing Assessment (Friday June 1st)

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