Monday, May 28, 2012

May 29-June 7th in US History 8

The final 8 Days of 8th Grade!

In History, students are responsible for the following work:

1- Any missing work is due by Wednesday, including the final essay on Causes of the Civil War
   Check your grades at

2- Group "jigsaw" of the chapter and section of Chapters 15 or 16 will be presented to the class on May 29 or 30

3- Individual or small group project on people who overcame obstacles in American history due by June 1st

4- Final Exam (100 points) in computer lab only on May 30 or 31 covering main concepts covered this year.

5- Historical Presentation:  This can be either the recitation of a historical speech or a choral or instrumental performance of a patriotic song.  It can be live or taped.  Due Tuesday June 5th

6-Formal In Class Writing Assessment (Friday June 1st)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Post-Civil War Labor by African Americans

Slavery by Another Name Documentary

We will view this and respond to certain questions in the last week of school.

Activity Guide

Friday, May 4, 2012

8th Grade in Computer Lab 5-4-12

Write any responses on the hard copy (paper)

Tasks for 8th Grade in Computer Lab -- Friday May 4th

  1. Log-on to to take the Ch 14 Test-Reconstruction  Score_____/20 = ___%
  2. After taking the test, check to make sure that your email, if you have one is correct on
  3. Go to:    Just scroll down to the previous post on Plagiarism
  4. Answer the following questions (use your own words)
    1. What is plagiarism?  _______________________________________ _____________________________________________________.
    2. When writing an essay or report, what must you do to make it your own work? _______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________.
    3. How do you cite your sources?  ___________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

Visit and see how to use a tool to show your sources.

If time allows:  Search for the answers to the following questions

  1. Who was Samuel Gompers? _________________________________
  2. Who was the US President during WWI? ______________________
  3. What were the birth date and death date of Cesar Chavez? ___________________
  4. What union did Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta found?___________________
  5. Search “rdcurry Vinci Park” to find out what room Mr. Curry used to teach in at that school ______

Plagiarism Presentation and questions

Plagiarism Powerpoint
View more PowerPoint from Lahore American School

After viewing this presentation, answer the questions on the sheet provided by Mr. Curry.